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How do we get to a future where open science is the norm? The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently commissioned a study to look at this question and develop recommendations. This report does a good job describing the intricacy, complexity, and overlap of open science issues and concerns, and is a...
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Science is in big trouble. Or so we’re told. In the past several years, many scientists have become afflicted with a serious case of doubt — doubt in the very institution of science. As reporters covering medicine, psychology, climate change, and other areas of research, we wanted to understand this epidemic of doubt. So we...
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.entry-header More often than not, on any given day, someone sends me a link to an article detailing 1) why it is academic science needs more funds and 2) all the ways the system rewards the wrong behaviors and 3) why 2 is a result of 1.   Here’s the latest example: What is missing...
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