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Updates According to the ticking clock on the OSI website’s home page, OSI2016 is only 16 days away! Here are the latest updates in order from highest priority to lowest (at the moment): Please reserve your hotel room and pay your conference registration fee if you haven’t already. Thank you! Remember to introduce yourselves to...
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Reminders Remember to reserve your hotel room by next week! The official cutoff date is March 29th, after which time any remaining space in the hotel will be released to the public. If you haven’t already done so (and haven’t received a waiver), please pay your conference registration fee right away. Thank you for your...
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The inaugural conference of the Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI2016) will be held in Fairfax, Virginia, from April 19-22, 2016. The conference will open with a reception at the Hyatt Fairfax at Fair Lakes on the evening of Tuesday the 19th. Working groups will meet on the campus of George Mason University on Wednesday and Thursday,...
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