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Abstract / OSI2017 Workgroup Question In their report, delegates of the Who Decides? workgroup of the OSI2016 conference put forth three proposals in which key stakeholders might convene to enact an economically viable and sustainable transformation of the current scholarly communications system to one of open access. The “Global Flip” workgroup of OSI2017 discussed the...
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The Association of Research Libraries recently published a white paper by Dr. David Shulenberger assessing the potential impact of a systemwide flip to APCs. Did Shulenberger get it right? Some think not. Source: APCs and Competition: What Shulenberger Got Wrong | The Scholarly Kitchen
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Abstract Who decides the future of open access, or, rather, who has the power to make decisions that can affect the future of open access? We believe that large scale, transformative, and inclusive progress on these questions can transpire when several entities, each with different complementary powers, convene to collaborate on win-win solutions. We offer...
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