The Open Scholarship Initiative
Working together in partnership with UNESCO to create the global future of open

Joint efforts


High level

OSI joint efforts will bring together stakeholders to work at a high level toward achieving common open goals, using common language and tools.


OSI joint efforts involve global stakeholders in scholarly communication and work for the global improvement of open outcomes.

Immediate impact

OSI joint efforts will pick the low hanging fruit first. By working together on areas of agreement, stakeholders will be able to multiply their impacts today.

Coming soon

Recent Joint Efforts

The Open Scholarship Initiative officially launched Plan A today. Plan A is OSI’s 2020-25 action plan, synthesizing the significant themes and recommendations that have emerged from OSI during it’s last five years of work. Plan A recommends that the international scholarly communication community begin immediate and significant action to: DISCOVER critical missing pieces of the...
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Since late 2019, OSI participants have been discussing what our “Plan A” should look like (this is a working title—the final name may change). Plan A represents OSI’s first draft of a framework for global, inclusive, sustainable, and achievable action on scholarly communication reform. Feedback from outside the OSI community is welcome. Please email [email protected]....
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Since early 2015, OSI and UNESCO have been collaborating on efforts to create a global, inclusive solution to the future of open research. UNESCO’s efforts entered a new phase in the fall of 2019, gaining official approval from UN General Conference to develop a global open science roadmap on behalf of all agencies of the...
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Upcoming joint efforts under consideration (or development)

  1. Culture of communication: Reforming the culture of communication in academia was identified as the highest priority task by OSI2016 and OSI2017 participants. We’re working now on finding partner institutions interested in working together on the reform challenges ahead.
  2. OA funding: What funding is available for OA work? What are the possibilities for increasing funding (e.g., setting up a group-funded pot for developing prototypes, conducting studies, etc.)?
  3. Open outreach: Outreach, marketing and advocacy efforts to improve open are also top priorities for 2018, first for the top issues noted in the 2017 OSI report, and then spreading to other issues as time and resources permit.