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The OSI listserv is at the center of OSI communications. Thousands of emails are exchanged by participants every year on a wide array of topics. This conversation is open for public viewing at!forum/osi2016-25. 

Stakeholder blogs

An overview of the Plan S debate

‘Plan S’ sets out ten principles, many of which have been foreshadowed in previous policy documents and developments. Nevertheless, when taken together they represent a...
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Plan S explained

Open scholar and journalist Richard Poynder recently published an interview with Robert-Jans Smits, the Open Access Envoy of the European Commission and architect of Plan...
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Key themes from SciELO at 20

Last week, ScieELO celebrated its 20th anniversary by hosting more than 600 leaders from across scholarly communication (including 10 from OSI) to discuss the current...
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10 years on and where are we at? COASP 2018

Last week, the 10th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) was held in Vienna. Much was covered over the two and a half days....
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On the EPA’s proposed rule to strengthen transparency in science

OSI is a very diverse group, including over 400 leaders from 24 countries, 250 institutions and 18 scholarly communication stakeholder groups—publishers, universities, researchers, libraries, open...
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Defining the foundations of open scholarship

What do the foundation of open scholarship look like at a really granular level? Exactly what is open scholarship, how do we get there in...
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Achieving open science by design

How do we get to a future where open science is the norm? The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently commissioned a...
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Deceptive publishing: Summarizing the OSI conversation

The demise of Beall’s list has left a void in scholarly communications. Contested as his original lists were, they brought focus to an important issue...
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