The Open Scholarship Initiative
Working together in partnership with UNESCO to create the global future of open

Events & Conferences


Big picture

OSI-hosted meetings include all stakeholder groups to ensure we see the big picture and not just part of it.


OSI-hosted meetings include delegates from around the world as we attempt to formulate global solutions.


OSI-hosted meetings are action-oriented, focused on coming up with workable solutions and not just ideas.

Other meetings

Beginning in 2018, OSI participants will also participate as speakers and panelists in other global meetings, communicating OSI’s lessons of experience and also forging partnerships with universities, publishers, research institutions, governments, funders, societies and policy groups interested in moving forward with workable, global solutions to open research.

Recent Conferences


The inaugural meeting of OSI took place at George Mason University in April of 2016 and attracted nearly 200 top leaders in scholarly communication, who worked together to create some insightful and innovative paths forward.

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OSI2017 took place at George Washington University in April of 2017. Around 130 scholarly communication leaders attended to focus on how to turn OSI2016 recommendations into action.

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In March of 2018, the executive team of OSI met at American University to prioritize OSI’s to-do list and plan in detail how OSI was going to go about accomplishing its goals.

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Of interest

SciELO 20

Several OSI leaders will be participating in and speaking at the 20th anniversary meeting of SciELO, taking place in Sao Paulo in September of 2018.

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Scholcomm in China

A major international meeting on scholarly communication in China will be taking place in November of 2018. OSI leaders will be there in numbers, playing a significant role. More on this event will be announced soon.


The next Force11 meeting takes place in Montreal in October of 2018. Force11 and OSI share many of the same goals, namely establishing a global dialogue about the future of scholarly publishing.

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