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Glenn Hampson
Plan S is an ambitious, EU-based effort attempting to accelerate the global transition to open access. While this plan isn’t the only one trying to improve open, or the first, it has generated much interest and discussion. Some in OSI support Plan S as written. Others support it with minor changes. Still others support the...
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How do we get to a future where open science is the norm? The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently commissioned a study to look at this question and develop recommendations. This report does a good job describing the intricacy, complexity, and overlap of open science issues and concerns, and is a...
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The demise of Beall’s list has left a void in scholarly communications. Contested as his original lists were, they brought focus to an important issue is research. The need for a resource like this still exists---predatory publishers aren’t going away. What should be done? Why? And by whom?
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Most librarians are familiar with the definitions of open access created in the early 2000’s (and refined several times since) and are passionate about advancing the cause of open. Most researchers, however, are not, and “open” is a relatively low priority for them. Indeed, the growth of “open access” strictly defined has been slow—approaching only...
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