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Defining the foundations of open scholarship

What do the foundation of open scholarship look like at a really granular level? Exactly what is open scholarship, how do we get there in broad terms, and what are the short-term, mid-term, and long-term strategies can we employ to get there? Jon Tenant has just published perhaps the most robust and detailed look at these questions to-date, available here:

In this document, Tenant describes the scholarly communication ecosystem in a way that’s consistent with how OSI has seen this system—full of potential but also beset by internal communication issues, tensions, a lack of common knowledge and understanding, and other barriers to more widespread adoption of open. The solution involves embracing the big picture of open (what Jon calls open as a “boundary object”), working for culture change in academia, and working together on global open solutions, not just solutions that affect English-speaking countries and/or the Global North.

OSI can and will differ on the exact solutions—the workable and sustainable ones will grow out of collaborations and will evolve over time—but the starting points for conversation are well put in this document.