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Open Science Inspires Open Humanities

In this commentary Adam Briggle and Robert Frodeman, who are both philosophers at the University of North Texas, lament the insularity of graduate study in philosophy. Individuals who earn a doctorate in philosophy are trained exclusively for the academy, despite the fact that well-framed questions are useful in any context. Briggle and Frodeman argue that philosophers would do well to ask questions in a “humble” and open-minded manner, and to proactively engage in conversations with people outside their specialized areas of expertise. To support their argument Briggle and Frodeman laud the “open science” movement for its commitment to open data, open peer review, and open access. They argue that the time has arrived for an “open humanities” movement that is just as transformative.

Click here to read the commentary by Adam Briggle and Robert Frodeman. (Guardian, October 13 2016)