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May 25, 2016
The Scholarly Kitchen chefs recently took time to reflect on OSI2016. What were their overall perceptions? What was accomplished? Who or what was missing? Writes Alison Mudditt, “We, like pretty much all of the delegates, approached this meeting with some degree of trepidation and uncertainly about goals and process, but ended up pleasantly surprised. As...
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There are more than 34,000 scientific, medical and technical peer-reviewed scholarly journals in the world. They publish nearly 2.5 million articles a year — about an article every 13 seconds. In a field of more than seven million researchers, how is anyone supposed to stay up-to-date? And for publishers, how do they know which manuscripts will capture readers’...
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What if more is bad? In 1963, the physicist and historian of science Derek de Solla Price looked at growth trends in the research enterprise and saw the threat of“scientific doomsday”. The number of scientists and publications had been growing exponentially for 250 years, and Price realized that the trend was unsustainable. Within a couple...
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