The Open Scholarship Initiative
Working together in partnership with UNESCO to create the global future of open

Working in partnership with UNESCO and all stakeholders everywhere to create the global future of open research


OSI participants are high level leaders from over 250 key research and publishing institutions around the world. OSI works in partnership with UNESCO to promote global policies and solutions.


OSI participants are a diverse community representing many different interests and perspectives. Only inclusive participation and coordinated action can achieve open solutions that work for everyone everywhere.


OSI recognizes there are many approaches to open, and is working to develop a foundation of achievable and sustainable solutions that evolve across all disciplines, institutions and stakeholder concerns.

Recent Articles

Why OSI, and why now?

Around 2.5 million research articles are published every year in 30,000 different academic journals (2015 STM Report). These articles form a critically important foundation of knowledge. Today, rapid changes in publishing–both good and bad—combined with ever-present “publish or perish” pressures in academia are making it increasingly difficult to ensure the accuracy of all this work, keep track of it all, and maintain equitable access to the knowledge being created. OSI manages a global perspective on the rapidly evolving landscape of scholarly communication reform, and is working with partners in this space to help build a future that realizes the full potential of the open movement for everyone everywhere.


Coordinate Solutions

  • All groups and stakeholders
  • All regions and countries
  • All fields and disciplines
  • All perspectives on "open"

Create New Standards

  • Clear definitions
  • Clear expectations
  • Training & support
  • Stamping out fraud & theft

Foster Collaboration

  • Between researchers
  • Between fields
  • Between open efforts
  • Between funders

Speed Up Discovery

  • New Ideas
  • New connections
  • New research targets
  • More efficient spending
Participants, Observers & Alumni
Stakeholder groups

Recent Issue Briefs & Policy Perspectives

OSI issue briefs and policy perspectives provide a synthesis of what OSI knows about hot-button issues in scholarly communication, including who’s working on what and how/where change is likely to occur. 

OSI Resources, Projects, Events

OSI is a 10-year-long effort, launched in 2015. Our first two years, 2016 and 2017, were spent gathering information and laying the groundwork for this effort. During our next two years, 2018 and 2019, we’ll be building out OSI’s menu of services and solutions. Stay tuned to this space as this menu evolves.

Issue Briefs

OSI has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of important scholarly communication topics.

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We know a lot about this field, but we also need to learn a lot more. Here are the studies we’re working on or considering.


Tech Products

We’re planning on rolling out several tech products that will help improve the scholarly communication infrastructure.

Project List

Joint Efforts

Scholarly communication is a big ecosystem. It takes many players to make change. Here’s what we’re working toward.

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OSI is organizing or participating in several meetings over the next few years to help get the ball rolling in key areas.

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Education & Outreach

Need to know who’s working on what and where? Here’s a starter set of scholarly communication resources.


Help guide the future of open research

OSI is a broad, global network of individuals and organizations working together to improve the future of open. Want to get involved? Here are some of the ways you can help:

OSI Milestones

OSI concept development100%
OSI2016 issue discovery100%
OSI2017 solutions discovery100%
OSI2018 action plan formulation100%
OSI2018-19 action plan rollout100%
OSI2020-25 global actions20%

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