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  • Common Ground paper---latest version February 21, 2020
    Hi Folks, Here’s your latest “how sausage is made” installment of the Common Ground paper. I think it’s come a long way since the first five versions 😊 --- thanks this week for feedback from Abel and for a day-long back-and-forth email with Rick (not really on the paper but on the broader
  • Re: The Scientific Paper Is Outdated February 21, 2020
    Every argument I have seen for going "beyond" the journal article suffers from the same glaring flaw, namely the beyond takes a great deal more time and skill than simply writing stuff down. As such it robs the research, to pay for communication, which is a bad deal. This case is extreme in that
  • The Scientific Paper Is Outdated February 20, 2020
    Interesting commentary in the Chronicle (subscription not required) arguing that scientists should be developing software to share the results of their work rather than writing papers. While I think there are many disciplines in which this approach would not work (clinical trials, for example)
  • OSTP RFI February 19, 2020
    Here’s the RFI requesting comments for updating the OSTP Public Access guidance. Scott
  • RE: Common Ground paper February 19, 2020
    Dear Glenn, This introduction is very balanced and thoughtful. I like it. Caroline From: On Behalf Of Glenn Hampson Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 10:54 PM To: 'The Open Scholarship Initiative' Subject: RE:
  • RE: Common Ground paper February 19, 2020
    ---just a quick follow up to those of you who may be looking at this document. I’ve had a rough time getting the introduction right. The latest version is pasted below (more recent that in the pdf version I sent earlier today). Hopefully this is an improvement: INTRODUCTION Scholarly
  • Common Ground paper February 18, 2020
    Hi Folks, If you’re still interested in looking through the Common Ground paper, the latest draft is attached. Many thanks to Rob for his most recent edits. The text is 35 pages long---the rest of the 88 pages are references and annexes. This paper isn’t ready for prime time---it’s still
  • RE: Nature shift signals 'new era' of peer review transparency February 18, 2020
    …which leads to the question of whether the “omitted” reviewers still stand behind the reviewed paper. COPE looked at this case a few years ago and came up with a disclaimer solution--- . From:
  • Re: Nature shift signals 'new era' of peer review transparency February 18, 2020
    Interesting that authors get to choose whether or not to make the review reports public—this suggests that what will probably become transparent are the positive reports, while the negative ones will remain hidden from readers. --- Rick Anderson Assoc. Dean for Collections & Scholarly
  • Nature shift signals 'new era' of peer review transparency February 18, 2020
    In case you missed this news----
  • RE: next OSI summit meeting February 17, 2020
    Hi Everyone, It turns out that the 25th isn’t going to work for a number of you, so I’m rescheduling this meeting for Friday the 28th (same time---9 a.m. Pacific). The same Zoom link sent previously (pasted below) will work. Thanks, Glenn From: Glenn Hampson
  • next OSI summit meeting February 14, 2020
    Hi Everyone, I’m proposing that we have a summit call this coming Tuesday, February 25 from 9-10:30 a.m. Pacific (Los Angeles) time. The call-in instructions are pasted below my signature. It’s impossible to pick a time that works for everyone, unfortunately, but if I get enough complaints
  • Re: UKRI open access review February 14, 2020
    Yes I apologise for that Anthony. In Australia if it can be shortened it is (and even if it can’t sometimes). I had forgotten how pervasive this is, until i went out for breakfast soon after returning and had a choice on the menu of ’smashed avo’* or ‘eggs benny’. That is avocado on toast […]
  • Plan A final tally February 14, 2020
    Well, Plan A voting didn’t attract enough attention to really reveal anything. Out of the 18 replies received, 10 were for the plan, 6 were opposed. Opinions were polarized. On a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being “hate it” and 10 being “love it”) the mean score of the 6 dissenters was a 3; the […]
  • Re: UKRI open access review February 14, 2020
    An important white paper for sure!