The Open Scholarship Initiative
Working together in partnership with UNESCO to create the global future of open

OSI Participants, Alumni & Observers

The individuals invited to participate in OSI are mostly high-level leaders from scholarly communication stakeholder groups like commercial publishers, government policy organizations, research universities, libraries and library groups, non-university research institutions, and private and public funding agencies. The idea behind this VIP club is to shorten the telephone cord—to have direct conversations between decision makers in scholarly communication so the obstacles to reform can be overcome more easily. In all, about 400 leaders have joined this conversation.

It is important to note that not all 400 participate regularly, which is why we refer to this group as “participants, alumni and observers.” Some participate regularly, some just stay tuned to the listserv, and some do neither. But almost all of these individuals participate when called upon (for input, feedback, assistance, etc.), either publicly or privately.

About 20 stakeholder groups, 27 countries and 250 institutions are represented by OSI participants, alumni and observers, many in an official capacity (for instance, library deans who have been asked by their chancellors to represent the interests of their university). Everyone brings unique experience and perspective to bear on the questions OSI is tackling.

In the past we’ve variously referred to the individuals who comprise this group as members, delegates and participants. In an OSI survey (n=58) conducted in August 2017, approximately half of respondents preferred the term “participant” (compared to 29 percent who preferred “member” and 12 percent who preferred “delegate”).

To the best of our knowledge, the following individuals (listed below alphabetically by first name) are currently OSI participants, alumni and observers. Five individuals are not named in this list by request; eight others who were part of the OSI2016 and/or OSI2017 conference delegations (and are listed as authors on OSI conference papers) are not included here because they have since resigned from OSI.

It is important to note that being included in the below list does not necessarily suggest support for OSI’s specific positions or actions. OSI is a diverse community with diverse perspectives. Also, please note that titles and institutions change—the titles and institutions attached to participant names were accurate at some point but may not be accurate now.

Our Global Community

OSI is a United Nations-backed partnership between research universities, publishers, government agencies, and 15 other key stakeholder groups in scholarly communication from around the world. Over 400 senior leaders from 24 countries and 250 institutions have participated in this effort to-date (not all are currently active participants).

Name Title & institution (at time of last OSI participation)
Aaron McCollough Head, Scholarly Communication & Publishing, University of Illinois Library
Abel Packer Co-founder and director, SciELO
Ada Emmett Head of the Office of Scholarly Communication & Copyright, University of Kansas
Adam Huftalen Senior Manager of Federal Government Affairs, Elsevier
Adrian Ho Director of Digital Scholarship, University of Kentucky Libraries
Adyam Ghebre Director of Outreach, Authorea
Agathe Gebert Open Access Repository Manager at GESIS Leibniz-Institute for Social Sciences
Aimee Nixon Head of Open Access Publishing, Emerald
Alberto Pepe Co-founder, Authorea
Alex Wade Meta Data Platform, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Alexander Garcia Castro Senior Research Officer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Alexander Kohls SCOAP3 Operation Manager, CERN
Ali Andalibi Associate Dean of Research, Science, George Mason University
Alice Meadows Director of Community Engagement and Support, ORCID
Alicia Wise Director of Access and Policy, Elsevier
Alison Mudditt Director, University of California Press
Amy Brand Director, MIT Press
Amy Buckland Chair, Research and Scholarly Environment committee, ACRL
Amy Jessen-Marshall Vice President for Integrative Liberal Learning and the Global Commons, Association of American Colleges and Universities
Amy Nurnberger Research Data Manager, Columbia University
Andrew Plume Associate Director, Scientometrics & Market Analysis in Research & Academic Relations, Elsevier
Andrew Sallans Partnerships and Collaborations Manger, Center for Open Science (COS)
Andrew Tein Vice President, International Government Partnerships, Wiley
Angela Cochran Associate Publisher, American Society of Civil Engineers
Ann Gabriel Vice President Global Academic & Research Relations, Elsevier
Ann Michael President, Delta Think
Ann Riley President, ACRL
Ann Thornton Vice Provost & University Librarian, Columbia University
Anne Kenney University Librarian, Cornell University
Annie Johnson Library Publishing and Scholarly Communications Specialist, Temple University
Anthony Watkinson Principal Consultant CIBER Research
Arnie Grossblatt College of Professional Studies, MPS publishing program, GWU
Audrey McCulloch Chief Executive, ALPSP
Barbara DeFelice Program Director, Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing, Dartmouth
Barbara Gordon Executive Director, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Barrett Matthews Copyright & Scholarly Agreements Specialist, GWU
Becky Clark Director of Publishing, Library of Congress
Belinda Huang Executive Director, National Postdoctoral Association
Betsy Wilson Vice Provost for Digital Initiatives and Dean of University Libraries, University of Washington
Bev Acreman Commercial Director, F1000
Bhanu Neupane Program Manager, UNESCO
Bill Hubbard Deputy Head Of Scholarly Communications Support, JISC
Bobby Schnabel CEO, Association of Computing Machinery
Brad Fenwick Senior Vice President, Elsevier
Brett Bobley CIO, National Endowment for the Humanities
Brian Selzer Assistant Director of Publications, American Public Health Association
Brianna Schofield Executive Director, Authors Alliance
Brooks Hanson Director, Publications, AGU
Bryan Alexander President, Bryan Alexander Consulting
Bryan Vickery Director, Cogent OA
Bryn Geffert Librarian of the College, Amherst College
Carlos H. Brito Cruz Science Director, São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP)
Carol Hunter Interim Vice Provost for University Libraries and University Librarian, UNC-Chapel Hill
Carol Mandel Dean, Division of Libraries, New York University
Caroline Black Associate Publishing Director, BioMed Central
Caroline Sutton Head of Open Scholarship Development, Taylor & Francis
Carrie Calder Director, Business Operations & Policy, Springer Nature
Catherine Mitchell President, Library Publishing Coalition and Director, Access & Publishing Group, California Digital Library
Catherine Murray-Rust Dean of Libraries & Vice Provost for Academic Effectiveness, Georgia Tech
Cathy Wojewodzki Librarian & Scholarly Communication Officer, University of Delaware
Catriona MacCallum Advocacy Director, PLOS
Celeste Feather Senior Director of Licensing and Strategic Partnerships, Lyrasis
Cheryl Ball Director, Digital Publishing Institute, West Virginia University
Chris Keene Head of Library and Scholarly Futures, JISC
Christie Aschwanden Lead Science Writer, FiveThirtyEight
Christina Drummond Director of Strategic Initiatives, Educopia Institute
Christine Borgman Distinguished Professor, UCLA
Christine Casey Editor, MMWR Serials, US Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Christine Stamison Director, NorthEast Research Libraries Consortium (NERL)
Christopher Erdmann Chief Strategist for Research Collaboration, NCSU Libraries
Christopher Thomas Administrator, Defense Technical Information Center
Claire Blin Director of Libraries, University of Pierre and Marie Curie
Claudia Holland Head, Scholarly Communication and Copyright, GMU
Colleen Campbell Director, OA2020 Partner Development, Max Planck Digital Library
Colleen Cook Dean of Libraries, McGill University
Concetta Seminara Editorial Director, Social Science & Humanities Journals, Routledge/Taylor & Francis
Crispin Taylor CEO, American Society of Plant Biologists
Daisy Selematsela Executive Director, Knowledge Management Corporate, National Research Foundation (South Africa)
Dan Cohen Executive Director, Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
Dan Morgan Digital Science Publisher, University of California Press
Danny Kingsley Head, Office of Scholarly Communication, University of Cambridge
Dave McColgin UX Director, Artefact
Dave Ross Executive Director, Open Access, SAGE Publishing
David Evans Executive Director, National Science Teachers Association
David Hansen Director of Copyright & Scholarly Communications, Duke
David Mellor Project Manager, Journal and Funder Initiatives, Center for Open Science
David Wojick Government policy analyst
Deborah Jakubs University Librarian & Vice Provost for Library Affairs, Duke
Deborah Kahn Publishing Director, Medicine and Open Access, Taylor & Francis
Debra Kurtz CEO, DuraSpace
Dee Magnoni Research Library Director, Los Alamos National Lab
Deni Auclair CFO/Sr. Analyst at Delta Think
Denise Stephens University Librarian, UC Santa Barbara
Diane Graves Board member, EDUCAUSE; Assistant VP of Academic Affairs and University Librarian, Trinity University
Diane Scott-Lichter Sr. Vice President, Publishing, American College of Physicians; Chair, AAP/PSP Executive Committee
Diane Sullenberger Executive Editor, PNAS, National Academy of Sciences
Dick Wilder Associate General Counsel, Gates Foundation
Donald Guy Manager, Research Collaboration & Library Services, Sandia National Labs
Donald Samulack President, US Operations, Editage at Cactus Communications
Donna Scheeder President, IFLA
Elizabeth Marincola Former CEO, PLOS
Elizabteth Kirk Associate Librarian for Information Resources, Dartmouth
Emily McElroy Director, University of Nebraska Medical Center Library
Emma Wilson Director of Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry
Eric Archambault President and CEO, 1science
Eric Brown Division Leader, Explosive Science and Shock Physics, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Eric Massant Senior Director, Government & Industry Affairs, RELX Group
Eric Olson Outreach coordinator, PressForward Institute
Frances Pinter Founder, Knowledge Unlatched
Franciso Valdes Ugalde Mexico Director, FLACSO
Frank Sander Director of the Max Planck Digital Library, Max-Planck-Society, Germany
Gail McMillan Director of Scholarly Communication, Virginia Tech Libraries
Gary Evoniuk Director of Publication Practices, GSK
Gary Miller Associate Dean for Research, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University
Gemma Hersh OA leader, RELX
Geneva Henry Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation, George Washington University
Geoff Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatvies, Crossref
Geraldine Clement-Stoneham Knowledge and Information Manager, Medical Research Council, RCUK
Ginger Strader Director, Smithsonian Scholarly Press
Glenorchy Campbell Managing Director, BMJ North America
Grace Xiao Co-Founder and President, Kynplex
Gregg Gordon President, SSRN
Gregory Eow Associate Director for Collections, MIT
H. Carton Rogers Vice Provost for Libraries, University of Pennsylvania
Harriette Hemmasi Dean of Libraries, Brown University
Helena Asamoah-Hassan Executive Director, African Library and Information Associations (AfLIA)
Hillary Corbett Director of Scholarly Communication & Digital Publishing, Northeastern University
Holly Falk-Krzesinski Vice President for Strategic Alliances in Global Academic Relations, Elsevier
Howard Gadlin Ombudsman, NIH
Howard Ratner Executive Director, CHORUS
In McCann Senior Manager, Corporate Information Management, Sandia National Labs
Ingrid Parent University Librarian, University of British Columbia
Ivan Oransky Ivan Oransky, Vice President and Global Editorial Director, MedPage Today, and Co-Founder, Retraction Watch
Ivy Anderson Director of Collections, California Digital Library
Jack Schultz Director, Christopher Bond Life Sciences Center
Jake Orlowitz Head of The Wikipedia Library, Wikimedia Foundation
James Butcher Publishing Director, Nature Journals
James Duderstadt Chair, Policy and Global Affairs Committee
James Hilton University Librarian, Dean of Libraries, Vice provost for digital education and innovation, University of Michigan
James Mullins Dean of Libraries, Purdue University
James Taylor Deputy Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, American Physical Society
Jamie Vernon Editor-in-Chief, American Scientist
Jane McAuliffe Director, National and International Outreach
Jason Schmitt Associate Professor Communication & Media, Clarkson University
Jason Steinhauer Director, Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest, Villanova University
Jean-Gabriel Bankier President and CEO, bePress
Jeff Mackie-Mason University Librarian and Chief Digital Scholarship Officer, UC Berkeley
Jeff Murray Deputy Director in Family Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jeff Tsao Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Sandia
Jennifer Hansen Senior Officer, Knowledge & Research Services at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Jennifer Howard Former senior reporter, Chronicle of Higher Education
Jennifer Pesanelli Deputy Executive Director of Operations and Director of Publication at FASEB
Jerry Sheehan Assistant Director for Scientific Data and Information, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)
Jessica Clemons Associate University Librarian for Research Education and Outreach, SUNY-Buffalo
Jessica Sebeok Associate Vice President for Policy, Association of American Universities
Jie Xu Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Publishing Study, School of Information Management, Wuhan University, China
Jill Mortali Director, Office of Sponsored Projects, Dartmouth College
Jim O’Donnell University Librarian, ASU
Jo McShea VP & Lead Analyst, STM, Outsell, Inc
Joan Frye Acting Deputy Office Head, Office of Integrative Activities, National Science Foundation
Joann Delenick Scientist, biocurator
John Dove Library and publishing consultant
John Inglis Executive Director and Publisher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and Co-Founder, bioRxiv
John Mareda Manager, Knowledge Systems & Analytics, Sandia National Labs
John Paul Christy Director of Public Programs, American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)
John Warren Head, Mason Publishing Group, George Mason University
John Willinsky OA pioneer, PKP founder, and professor, Stanford U.
John Zenelis Dean of Libraries and University Librarian, George Mason University
Jon Cawthorne Dean of Libraries, West Virginia University
Jonas Rabinovitch Senior Advisor, Public Administration Modernization, United Nations Secretariat UNDESA
Jose Roberto F. Arruda Special Advisor to the Scientific Director, FAPESP
Joshua Greenberg Program director, Sloan Foundation
Joshua Nicholson CEO and Co-Founder, The Winnower
Joyce Backus Associate Director, National Library of Medicine
Joyce Ogburn Digital Strategies and Partnerships Librarian, Appalachian State University
Judy Luther President, Informed Strategies
Julie Hannaford Deputy Chief Librarian, University of Toronto
Kaitlin Thaney Director, Mozilla Science Lab
Kamran Naim Lead Researcher, Open Access Cooperative Study, Stanford University; Strategic Development Manager, Annual Reviews
Karin Trainer Former University Librarian, Princeton
Karina Ansolabehere Human rights and democracy expert
Karla Cosgriff Director of Advancement, Free the Science, The Electrochemical Society
Kathleen Fitzpatrick Associate Executive Director and Director of Scholarly Communication, Modern Language Association
Kathleen Keane Director, Johns Hopkins University Press
Kathleen Shearer Executive Director, COAR
Keith Webster Dean of Libraries, Carnegie-Mellon University
Keith Yamamoto Vice Chancellor for Science Policy and Strategy, Vice Dean for Research, School of Medicine, and Professor of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California San Francisco
Kevin Bradley President, US Journals, Taylor & Francis
Kevin Davies Vice President for Business Development, American Chemical Society
Kim Barrett Distinguished Professor of Medicine and Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Physiology
Kostas Repanas Head, Office of Science Communication and Archives, A*STAR
Kris Bishop Product Manager, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)/Science Family of Journals
Krista Cox Director of Public Policy Initiatives, ARL
Lacey Earle Vice President of Business Development, Cabell’s
Lars Bjørnshauge Founder and Managing Director, DOAJ
Laura Helmuth 2016 president, National Association of Science Writers
Laura Lindenfeld Sher Director, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science
Laure Haak Executive Director, ORCID
Laurie Goodman Editor in Chief, GigaScience
Lee Cheng Ean University Librarian, National University of Singapore
Leslie Reynolds Senior Associate Dean of Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder
Lia Zambetti Assistant Head, Office of Science Communication and Archives, A*STAR
Lisa Colledge Director of Research Metrics, RELX Group
Lisa Macklin Director, Scholarly Communications Office, Emory University
Lisa Spiro Executive Director, Digital Scholarship Services, Rice University
Loet Leydesdorff Professor, Dynamics of Scientific Communication and Technological Innovation, University of Amsterdam
Lorcan Dempsey Vice President of Membership & Research and Chief Strategist, OCLC
Lorena Barba Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, GWU
Lorraine Haricombe Vice Provost and Director, University of Texas Libraries
Louise Page Publisher, PLOS
Maggie Johnson Director of Education and University Relations, Google
Mangala Sharma Program Director, Office of International Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation
Marcus Banks Head, Blaisdell Medical Library, UC Davis
Margaret Winker Secretary, World Association of Medical Editors
Mariette DiChristina Editor-in-Chief, Scientific American
Marilyn Billings Scholarly Communication & Special Initiatives Librarian, UMass Amherst
Mark Edington Director, Amherst College Press, and Publisher, Lever Press
Mark Newton Director of Digital Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries
Mark Parsons Secretary General, Research Data Alliance
Mark Ware Director, Mark Ware Consulting
Martin Hicks Board member, Beilstein Institut
Martin Kalfatovic Associate Director, Smithsonian Libraries
Martin Paul Eve Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing, University of London
Martin Sugden Head of Open Access Marketing, Taylor & Francis
Martin Wybourne Vice Provost for Research, Dartmouth College
Mary Augusta Thomas Deputy Director, Smithsonian Libraries
Mary Ellen Davis Executive Director, American Library Association
Mary Woolley President, Research!America
Mary Yess Deputy Executive Director & Chief Content Officer, The Electrochemical Society
Maryann Martone Former Executive Director, Force 11
Matt Spitzer Community Manager, Center for Open Science
Matthew Salter Publisher, American Physical Society
Maura Marx Deputy Director for Library Services, Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
Medha Devare Data and Knowledge Manager, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)
Meg Buzzi Director, Project OPUS, UCLA
Meg Oakley Director of Copyright & Scholarly Communications, Georgetown
Megan Wacha Scholarly Communications Librarian, City University of New York
Mel DeSart Head, Engineering Library and Head, Branch Libraries, University of Washington
Melanie Dolechek Executive Director, Society for Scholarly Publishing
Melanie Schlosser Scholarly Communications Program Leader, Educopia
Melinda Kenneway Executive Director, Kudos
Melissa Cragin Staff Associate, National Science Foundation
Meredith Morovati Executive Director, Dryad
Micah Vandegrift Director of Digital Scholarship, Florida State University
Michael Eisen Co-Founder, PLOS and Professor of Genetics, Genomics and Development, U Cal Berkeley
Michael Forster Managing Director, IEEE Publications
Michael Roy Dean of the Library, Middlebury College
Michael Van Woert Executive Officer, National Science Board
Michael Wolfe Executive Director, Authors Alliance
Michael Zentner Senior Research Scientist, Network for Computational Nanotechnology, Purdue
Michele Woods Director of the Copyright Law Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Michelle Gluck Associate General Counsel, George Washington University
Mike Furlough Executive Director, Hathi Trust
Mike Taylor Software Engineer, and Research Associate at the University of Bristol
Morgan Stoddard Director of Research Services, George Washington University
Moshe Pritsker Co-founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief, JoVE
Najko Janh Scholarly Communication Analyst, University of Gottingen
Nancy Davenport University Librarian, American University
Nancy Gwinn Director, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Nancy Rodnan Senior Director, Publications American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Nancy Weiss General Counsel, US IMLS
Narda Jones Legislative Counsel, US Senate
Natalia Manola Managing Director, OpenAIRE
Neil Jacobs Head of Scholarly Communications Support, JISC
Nick Lindsay Journals Director, The MIT Press
Nina Collins Scholarly Publishing Specialist, Purdue University
Norbert Lossau Vice-President, University of Göttingen
Pablo Gentili Brazil Director and member, Higher Council, CLACSO
Patrick Herron Senior Research Scientist for Information Science + Studies, Duke University
Patty Baskin President, Council of Science Editors (CSE) and Executive Editor, Neurology Journals
Paul Ayris Director of Library Services and CEO of UCL Press, University College of London, and Co-Chair of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) CIO Community
Paul Groth Disruptive Technology Director, Elsevier Labs
Paul Murphy Director of RAND Press
Paul Peters CEO, Hindawi
Paul Royster Coordinator of Scholarly Communications, University of Nebraska
Pedro Cote Baraibar Communications Coordinator, FLACSO-Mexico
Peter Berkery Executive Director, Association of American University Presses
Peter Brantley Director of Online Strategy, University of California Davis Library
Peter Potter Director, Publishing Strategy, Virginia Tech
Phil Carpenter Executive Vice President, Research, Wiley
Phil Kim Co-founder and COO, 20 Million Minds Foundation
Philip Bourne Chair of Data Science, Director of the Data Science Institute (DSI) and Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), University of Virginia
Pippa Smart Editor, “Learned Publishing” and publishing consultant
Pollyanne Frantz Executive Director, Grants Resource Center
Prue Adler Associate Executive Director, Federal Relations and Information Policy
Rachael Samberg Scholarly Communication Officer, UC Berkeley
Rachel Burley Publishing Director, Biomed Central and Springer Open
Rachel Dresbeck Immediate Past President, National Organization of Research Development Professionals/Director, Research Development, Oregon Health & Science University
Ralf Schimmer Head of Scientific Information Provision, Max Planck Digital Library
Ramesh Gaur University Librarian, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Rebecca Kennison Principal, K|N Consultants/Open Access Network
Remi Gaillard Head of Collection Development Department, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)
Renaud Fabre Director, Scientific and Technical Information Directorate (DIST)
Richard Gedye Director of Outreach Programmes, STM and Publisher Coordinator, Research4Life
Richard Ovenden Bodley’s Librarian, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
Richard Price Founder and CEO,
Richard Wellons Program Manager, Grants Resource Center, AASCU
Richard Wilder Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Associate General Counsel
Rick Anderson Associate Dean for Collections & Scholarly Communication, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah
Rikk Mulligan Program Officer for Scholarly Publishing, Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
Rita Scheman Director of Publicatons and Executive Editor, American Physiological Society
Rob Johnson Director, Research Consulting
Robert Cartolano Vice President for Digital Programs and Technology Services
Robert Kiley Head of Digital Services, Wellcome Trust
Robert Miller CEO and Executive Director, Lyrasis
Robin Champieux Scholarly librarian and founder of ARCS
Robin Staffin Director for Basic Research, US Department of Defense
Roger Schonfeld Director, Library and Scholarly Communication Program, Ithaka S+R
Roxanne Missingham University Librarian, Australian National University, and Deputy Chair, Australian Open Access Support Group (AOASG)
Roy Kaufman Managing Director, New Ventures, CCC
Ryan Merkley CEO, Creative Commons
Sally Rumsey Head of Scholarly Communication and Research Data Management, Oxford
Salvatore Mele Director of Open Access, CERN
Sam Burridge Managing Director of Open Research, SpringerNature
Sarah Michalak Associate Provost for University Libraries and University Librarian, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC)
Sarah Pritchard Dean of Libraries, Northwestern University
Scott Delman Director of publishing, ACM
Scott Plutchak Director of Digital Data Curation Strategies, UAB
Scott Waugh Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, UCLA
Seth Denbo Director of Scholarly Communication, American Historical Association
Sharon Farb Associate University Librarian and Chief Content Strategist, UCLA
Sheree Crosby VP of Global Marketing, Cabell’s
Shira Eller Art & Design Librarian, GWU
Sindy Escobar Alvarez Senior Program Officer for Medical Research, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Sioux Cumming Programme Manager Journals Online, INASP
Sonia Vasconcelos Head, Laboratory for Research Ethics, Science Communication and Society, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Stacy Konikel Director of Research and Education,
Stephanie Diment Director of Open Access, Wiley
Stephanie Fulton Executive Director, Research Medical Library, Univ of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Stephanie Orfano Head of Scholarly Communications, University of Toronto
Stephanie Westcott Research Assistant Professor, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University
Steve Fiore Professor, University of Central Florida
Steve Sayre Director of Publishing, Ecological Society of America
Steven Hall Managing Director, IOP
Steven Hill Head of Rearch Policy, Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
Stuart Buck Vice President of Research Integrity, John and Laura Arnold Foundation
Stuart Taylor Publishing Director, The Royal Society
Susan Dentzer Senior health policy advisor, RWJ Foundation and President and CEO of NEHI (Network for Excellence in Health Innovation)
Susan Fitzpatrick President, James S. McDonnell Foundation
Susan Haigh Executive Director, Canadian Associate of Research Libraries
Susan Murray Director, African Journals Online
Susan Skomal CEO, BioOne
Susan Veldsman Director of Publishing, Academy of Science of South Africa
Suzie Allard Associate Dean for Research and Director, Center for Information & Communication Studies, U of Tennessee
Talmesha Richards Chief Academic and Diversity Officer, STEMConnector
Tee Guidotti President, Sigma Xi
Terri Fishel Library Director, Macalester College
Terry Ehling Associate Director / Project MUSE (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Timothy Vollmer Public Policy Manager, Creative Commons
Toby Green Head of Publishing, OECD
Todd Carpenter Executive Director, NISO
Tom Reller Vice President Global Corporate Relations, Elsevier
Tony Peatfield Director of Corporate Affairs, Medical Research Council, RCUK
Tony Roche Publishing Director, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Trevor Dawes Vice Provost for Libraries and Museums, University of Delaware
Trevor Owens Senior Program Officer, Institute of Museum and Library Services
Tyler Walters Dean, University Libraries, Virginia Tech, and Director, Shared Access Research Ecosystem (SHARE)
Vickie Williams CEO, Research Media
Vicky Gardner Open Access Publisher, Taylor & Francis
Vicky Williams CEO, Research Media
Victoria Reich Executive Director LOCKSS Program, Stanford University
Vidya Krishnamurthy Director of Communications, Hewlett Foundation
Vint Cerf VP and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
Virginia Barbour Executive Director, Australasian Open Access Strategy Group
Vivian Siegel Lecturer, MIT and Senior Editorial Advisor, Bio-protocol
Wayne Kaplan Executive Vice President for Research, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Wendy Lougee University Librarian, University of Minnesota
Will Schweitzer Director, Product, American Association for the Advancement of Science/Science Family of Journals
William Gunn Director of Scholarly Communications, Elsevier
William Simpson Associate Librarian and Institutional Repository Librarian, University of Delaware
Williams Nwagwu Head of Knowledge Management, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA)
Wim Van der Stelt EVP Strategic Relations, SpringerNature
Winston Tabb Dean of University Libraries & Museums
Wolfram Horstmann University Librarian, University of Gottingen
Xiaolin Zhang Director, National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)