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    • FW: [SCHOLCOMM] OA values statement... August 17, 2018
      The following conversation on the scholcomm list might be of interest to some of you. I’m keeping our conversation on this (if any) separate from theirs since the last time I cc'd the scholcomm list I got in big trouble 😊 From: Glenn Hampson Sent: Thursday,
    • open access isn't enough August 16, 2018
      In this TSK guest post (below), Naveen Zehra Minai describes how an expansion of open access may not, by itself, be sufficient to fully address the myriad access challenges faced by researchers from the “global south”---from overtaxed teaching schedules to inadequate conference travel funds to
    • RE: Who would you share your funding with? August 14, 2018
      Forwarding Susan’s reply (below---it went to OSI only) and adding my own 2 cents. I’m not an expert in the area of research funding so apologies if this seems a bit tangential, but what about F&A charges? It seems to me anyway that this can be a very effective way of redistributing wealth.
    • Re: Who would you share your funding with? August 14, 2018
      This is an example of be careful what you wish for... funny, in a way the peer-review system IS a kind of crowdfunding program with peers dividing up the pot among peers. And I am going to ask my usual question: can we get to some fundamental agreement on the "problem" we're trying to fix? […]
    • Who would you share your funding with? August 14, 2018
      Hi Everyone - Here is an editorial just published in Nature that is related to something we discussed on the OSI list last year. I'm including NSF's SciSIP list in this email, though, because the scheme is quite radical. More importantly, some of the numbers in this editorial are striking. For
    • Re: Draft OSI Principles August 14, 2018
      Thanks for the call out. Since the chapter more principles have come out. It’s a fascinating development to follow. For example, the FORCE11 principles of the commons were finished after my chapter was published. I try to continue tracking them, but the list is getting extremely long. My
    • RE: Draft OSI Principles August 13, 2018
      Hi Folks, This is a longer email. Read at your leisure---there’s nothing urgent here. The subject is OSI principles. Last week the scholcomm listserv was abuzz with talk about open principles. I’m glad I was away on vacation or I might have been dragged into that vortex. The best contribution
    • EPA letter-final August 13, 2018
      Hi Folks, The OSI summit group has (I think) signed off this final draft of my letter to the EPA regarding the agency’s proposed rule to improve transparency in science. If you have any last-minute comments/edits, please let me know off-list by c.o.b. Tuesday. I’ll plan on submitting this on
    • Re: the open spectrum August 3, 2018
      Sorry for my late response - this email ended up in my spam folder. I have collected many different models that represent scholcom or open but I don't recall discussing them in OSI. Joyce Joyce L. Ogburn Professor, Digital Strategies and Partnerships Librarian Appalachian State University 218
    • Fwd: [SCHOLCOMM] Foundations for Open Scholarship Strategy Development August 1, 2018
      Yet another global strategy for openness. This time from Jon Tennant. David Begin forwarded message: From: "Jon Tennant" (via scholcomm Mailing List) Date: August 1, 2018 at 2:46:30 AM EDT To: Subject: [SCHOLCOMM] Foundations for Open Scholarship

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