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    • Re: FW: [SCHOLCOMM] Projekt-DEAL - Wiley "Publish & Read" Agreement now online February 18, 2019
      Glenn, Those replies are part of a different thread. There are no replies to Colleen's post on Projekt-DEAL. Regarding Colleen's Projekt-DEAL post, while this is indeed big news, it is important to note that this transformative agreement is not the kind that is needed for Plan S compliance. It
    • FW: [SCHOLCOMM] Projekt-DEAL - Wiley "Publish & Read" Agreement now online February 18, 2019
      An interesting thread from today’s scholcomm list---replies are summarized below this original post from Colleen Dear colleagues, I am pleased to pass along the news that the Projekt-DEAL – Wiley “Publish & Read” Agreement has now been published online in its entirety. The dedicated
    • Re: new green section for report February 17, 2019
      Hi Glenn, Some initial thoughts on this... INTRO SECTION This all reads fine to me and provides a good overview of green. OPTION 1 VS OPTION 2 vs OPTION 3 I think things then start to go awry a little, and you may be picking the wrong target by focussing your fire on point 1. […]
    • RE: Film Screening - Paywall: The Business of Scholarship February 16, 2019
      I do not think I agree with you David BUT the way you have set this out is very helpful. Anthony From: [] On Behalf Of David Wojick Sent: 16 February 2019 11:24 To: Anthony Watkinson Cc: Subject: Re: Film
    • Re: Film Screening - Paywall: The Business of Scholarship February 16, 2019
      I suspect that what you call implementation is what I call technical. By technical I mean that the issues involve many specialized concepts that the general public does not have. Thus any balanced exposition will have to present them. For example, one of the most fundamental unresolved issues is
    • happy weekend! February 16, 2019
      It’s Presidents Day weekend here in the states---happy three-day weekend to everyone who gets bonus vacation time (some schools are also out next week for mid-winter break). If you have time and are so inclined, think about what you might want to write about for OSI---we’re still in the earlier
    • Re: my movie review February 16, 2019
      I wrote to Glenn in the context of something else so I didn’t share it with the whole list. I also am not the type to raise an issue that might be sensitive with the whole list until I know more. Joyce Sent from my iPhone On Feb 15, 2019, at 6:27 PM, Rick Anderson […]
    • RE: my movie review February 16, 2019
      I agree there’s an important topic here that needs to be discussed---maybe it’s how we go about breaking stereotypes in this community. Twitter is one place to try if you can handle the abuse. On this list, though, we’ve tried hard these past few years (with a few notable blowups but not many) to
    • Re: Film Screening - Paywall: The Business of Scholarship February 15, 2019
      The message behind ROMA according to the director is exploitation BUT it was not a good comparison. Please ignore. I do not agree that OA issues are technical. My view is that we have moved beyond advocacy is that the problem now is implementation in such a way that good bits of the current
    • Re: my movie review February 15, 2019
      Glenn, for what it’s worth, I appreciated your willingness to call it as you saw it and to do so in a public forum. If people are taking you to task for your assessment of the movie, I hope they’ll be willing to make their comments to the whole list so that we can discuss […]

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