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    • take a survey, win a prize (maybe)! December 19, 2018
      The following is a two-part survey (for OSIers only) regarding OSI's approach toward open in general, and toward Plan S specifically. This should take about 3 minutes to complete. OSI participants who complete this survey will be entered into a
    • Re: BLOG: Book Review: Scholarly Communication – what everyone needs to know(R) December 19, 2018
      "SUPPORTING RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS: A GUIDE" This recommendation is not exactly a gift idea as this book is free (download the PDF from the website above). But, this book is a gift to us all in scholarly communications. This book is for funders, institutions,
    • RE: BLOG: Book Review: Scholarly Communication – what everyone needs to know® December 19, 2018
      Thank you Danny! I just ordered my copy! Here’s the link: Congrats Rick! This is at least the third book OSIers have published in the last few years, right? Caroline’s book (“The Collaborative Era in Science”-- ) came out two months ago, and
    • Re: Basic question about Plan S, OSI, and universal OA December 18, 2018
      > lack of uniform and coordinated pressure (based on unmet needs) to change. I suspect that it’s also partly an informed and principled disagreement on the part of some members of the system that either the system is actually broken, or that the proposed fixes are the right ones. As
    • RE: Basic question about Plan S, OSI, and universal OA December 18, 2018
      Hi Mike, It really is a fascinating dive. I’m not sure how much patience everyone here has for too much back and forth on it so I’ll make one last observation and then bow out. (Rick and Ilona are cooking up a survey on this general issue---it will be fun to see what OSIers think; […]
    • Re: Basic question about Plan S, OSI, and universal OA December 18, 2018
      This is one of the reasons I really like the term “ecosystem” to describe scholarly communication. It’s a classic business ecosystem: a “network of organizations – including suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies and so on—involved in the delivery of a specific
    • RE: Basic question about Plan S, OSI, and universal OA December 18, 2018
      Dear Friends, I want to support David in this discussion. The systemic nature of scholarly publications is not simply a semantic turn. I study the system as a system and it has measureable systemic qualities. As a system, it has developed over centuries, adapting to social changes along the way.
    • Re: Basic question about Plan S, OSI, and universal OA December 18, 2018
      As an analyst I am well aware of all this, Roy. My point is painfully simple. Your desire to reform the system does not make the system broken. The point is semantic if you like, but in an important way. (My Ph.D. field is analytic philosophy which argues that precise language is important.) The
    • RE: Suggestion to start a new Plan S Brief December 18, 2018
      Hi Scott, The mechanism for making representative decisions for OSI existed in the original governance plan. We never tried it out. Essentially, it would be a majority vote of the full summit, which is/was appointed to represented all 18 stakeholder groups (with one rep from most groups, and
    • Re: Basic question about Plan S, OSI, and universal OA December 18, 2018
      Mike, We just have to agree to disagree. I find the application of the social justice metaphor to science to be inappropriate. Science is measured by its outputs. My objection to Plan S is that it will stifle innovation, which other OA programs do not. I continue to ask, Why must things be

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